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Our WordPress service can help you to a quick and secure way of getting WordPress setup and your theme setup without hassle.


WordPress is the most popular content management system(CMS) that you will come in contact with today. Choosing a wordpress installation service like Flickdevs will definitely help in spreading your website and capturing attention of the target audience.

Lets take a look at the process that has to be followed when installing wordpress doing all these things on your own might be messy and the result might be unprofessional hiring our experts at Flickdevs will assure you that you will have access to hassle free installation services.

Even then having knowledge about the process might turn out to be helpful, here are a few things that you are going to need

A domain name registration has to be purchased for your account
Then you have to choose a hosting service for your website or blog

To Install WordPress Manually These Are The Steps You Have to go Through

  • Initially download the wordpress package
  • Then you have to upload wordpress to a hosting account that you have established
  • Next you have to create a mysql database which is necessary to store the information along with a user name
  • Now you have to configure the wp-config.php
  • Run the installation
  • Now you can complete the installation.

You can go in two directions when installing wordpress,one of which its one click installation process.for this options you have follow all the instructions that have been provided by the web hosting services that you have chosen to use.

Another way of installing wordpress is by its five minute installation process,its has been mentioned in detail in above points.

These things might seem easier to the person who has some knowledge about technology and has installed these kind of things before. But if you are completely clueless then we have a team of best developers who will help you in getting it installed on your system.

Making use of Flickdevs services guarantees that you wont have any have to deal with any kind of errors and confusion as most of the work will be done by expert developers who have a vast knowledge about this subject. Which they are going to apply in installing wordpress on your system.There are a lot of advantages of using wordpress installation services one of which is that it’s time saving,installing it as we have already covered can be done quickly or requires 5 minutes which is not counting the time that is required for registering a domain name, or the time which

You are going to need in choosing a web host that suits your purpose and along with that you will also have to learn how to use the FTP software. So let the experts at Flickdevs do the work and you will have your website ready to use on required time.


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