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Flickdevs is an excellent wordpress migration service provides you will have access to the skills of some brilliant developers who will assist you in migration of your website.The purpose of wordpress migrations service is transferring a website from one hosting provider to the other. When transferring you have to not only move the files but also the database that stores all you website information and if necessary you also have to reconfigure it. For transferring files from one web host to another you require a FTP client which can help in faster transfer of your files. When it comes to moving your database things get a little complicated you will have to export your database from your old hosting account,after which creating a new database on the your new hosting account where you have to import all the content.almost everything is done now all that’s left to do is reconfiguration of your wordpress application so that you can work at your new place

There is a wordpress plugin which allows users to export database,files,plugins as well as themes,your themes play an important part in the look of your website or application so its absolutely necessary that it should be migrated as well,wordpress migrations services provide a way to do that.

Your wordpress website can also be migrated to another server account or it can be cloned into another domain name.

You will not have to give your wordpress theme a pass when you move to another server,you can carry it along to your new host.all your customization will stay in place its one more thing you wont have to worry about.

When applying for wordpress migration services here are some of the things that you will have to provide

  • The domain of the wordpress site should be yours and not (nameofyoursite.wordress.com)
  • Then you have to provide the login details of your current server
  • Login details for you a new host that you have chosen
  • Also you new host and ftp login details

When you chose to go for a wordpress migration services like Flickdevs you have a variety of options and you can choose the package that is suitable for you.By making the choice of using Flickdevs you will have your website transferred in quick speed and in an hassle-free manner.sometimes it may happens that you only want to transfer the contents of your website to another,it could be between two different wordpress installations which seems a lot harder when you have no idea where to start. At Flickdevs we have some of the best developers who fully utilize their time in making sure you have your website or application moved to the hosting service of your choice at minimal cost.


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