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At Flickdevs we offer static HTML website Development services of the best quality. Let take a look at what developing a “static html website” Actually entails and the factors that affect its creation.A static HTML website is where the content once developed by a coder is delivered to the user exactly as it has been stored.

With static website creation you have to create all your web pages and store them on the servers file system,from where they can be accessed whenever required by the users who are in need of the services that the particular website has made available. If a user requests a particular page of a website then the servers access it from the storage and send them to the users computer.the web pages of a static website can be generated at anyplace and then uploaded to the server which makes it easy on everyone.

 You can avoid the hassle that comes along with a dynamic website which requires a lot of care especially when multiple servers are involved.running a static site requires a very little amount of server resources which helps in case of traffic surges that a lot of dynamic account find hard to matter how large the traffic is a static website can handle it perfectly and gives the best performance at the same time. You wont face any downtime with a static website and the rate of failure is quite low when compared to the other option.

If you don’t have a lot of time that can be invested in creating a website, then choosing Flickdevs for your static HTML website development might be the way to go. With a static website you don’t have to customize using the predefined layout which can turn complex very soon. CSS (cascading style sheet) helps enhance the look of your static website so that its not just showing some text but presenting a very attractive medium which can be shared on the internet.

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Extremely helpful, took initiative and demonstrated excellent expertise. A great choice – highly recommended.

Richard Young

FlickDevs is easy to deal with and very helpful. Does great work and will use him again. Thanks for a job well done.

Lars Andersen
FlickDevs was amazing and just what I needed. If you ever need any work done, he will be there. One of the best partners on Upwork.
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