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What is Social Media Marketing? Why should you hire Flickdevs for these particular services? These are the question that might be running through your mind if you have just randomly clicked on this link. Social Media Marketing is a term which refers to the process of gaining the attention of target audience for your website or blog through the popular social networking sites.

Benefits of social media marketing that you will experience at flickdevs:

  • It help’s in Building Credibility, recent research indicates that about 51% of Facebook fans and 67% of Twitter followers are more likely to purchase a product from or avail services of brands they follow. It builds the trust that is necessary for the clients to know whether the services are authentic or not.
  • By creating and maintaining stronger relationships with customers who have bought product or services from your website you can have Repeat Customers, which costs way less than, the cost of acquiring new customers.
  • With a decent Social media marketing solution like Flickdevs, you can yourself see the increase in your sales rates. which has been a result of the proper social media marketing channels that the experts at Flickdevs utilized.
  • Growing a Long-Term Audience, and forming connections that provide long-term benefits such as an increase in the followers that will directly result in the increase of sales, by this your website will continue growing and accumulate quality traffic as well a good quantity of traffic, making your website/blog a brand in itself.
  • Facebook which collects data on all of its users. This data includes their interests, behaviors, jobs, income, and more based on their activities on Facebook. this was just one example of how its easier in reaching the required set of users.
  • You can find people who are interested in the services that your brand provides, by making use of social networking sites such as
  • Cost-effective, thousands of relevant clicks to your website at low costs can be delivered when you decided to go for social media marketing, which leads to an increase in your profit margins. it’s much cheaper than other online marketing means which cannot be afforded by every individual.
  • Another of its uses is Geotargeting, the definition of geotargeting states “that it targets people who are within a certain mile radius of your business location”.

Flickdevs is not only a website and apps development service provider it also provides marketing solutions to the users who are in need of them. developing a social media marketing strategy as well as the development of the content and its distributions are few of the things that will be taken care of by Flickdevs. We present affordable social media marketing solution.


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