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At Flickdevs we have a team of developers who are eager to satisfy every customer requirements by creating a unique “Magento ecommerce website”.
Before getting into what makes Flickdevs a good service provider lets get to know more about Magento.

One of the things that you might not be aware of is that Magento provides three versions

  • The hosted open-source Community Edition (CE)
  • Cloud-based Magento Go
  • Enterprise version


Magento eCommerce Website Services

Heard a lot of about WordPress but not so much about Magento its dues tot he fact that WordPress is a CMS that just has ecommerce plugin whereas Magento has been created specifically for ecommerce websites. it has some of the best features such as high volume online selling and customer payment. when there are lots of choices available settling for one can be tough at times but if you want to see the maximum growth of your business then Magento is the website you should go for.

Listed below are some advantages that might definitely help you understand Magento better.

  1. Its Mobile Friendly:
    responsive shopping carts are created by Magento, which can be viewed properly on all the devices such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones are used excessively these days and most of the shopping is done with an app with Magento your website can be properly viewed.
  2. SEO:
    it has provides the best SEO functionalities to the users who have made their choice of building their website using this particular platform. your website will be ranked in the top and can be searched very easily. in addition to that, a user can apply additional SEO to their website its freedom that Magento has given all the users who create an ecommerce oriented website there.
  3. Intelligent Filters:
    dynamic search filters will surely improve the user’s experience which filters products based on a variety of different parameters. it has unique features that make searching things on the website created on this platform seem like a piece of cake.
  4. Save Time And Money :
    Magento is open source so you will just have to pay for the services of the experts you have hired you don’t need to pay for an extra tool that you would have otherwise needed when creating your ecommerce using a single Magento instance a lot of stores can be created and managed which is one of the highlights that it has seen fit to provide to the developers and businesses everywhere.

For having all these advantages that come along with Magento choosing a decent Magento ecommerce website is of utmost importance, Flickdevs guarantees that with our services you will have a website that will generate good income as well as be able to create a brand that will help your organization reach new heights.


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