Countdown Timer Pro

Widget for elementor

Countdown Timer  allows you to display a countdown  to any page with a simple drag & drop, then customize it visually and easily

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  • Posts / Pages Countdown Timer
  • No coding skill required
  • Specific Time and Date
  • Fully Responsive
  • Customized Style
  • Message after Expire
  • Redirect on specified url
  • Multiple countdown's on same page

Totally customizable

User can set different style to counter timer using multiple style options and add counter timer to any page with a simple drag & drop.

Countdown timer option

If you select Exact Date, exact date and time on which you want your offer to end. If you select After This Time Duration, The countdown will start from each one of your visitors individually. Option available for adding specific date and time.

Action After Expiration

Select whether you want to set a message or a redirect link after expiration

Customize Message text, color & typography

Action After Expiration to different kinds of countdown timer boxes you can create with this flexible widget

Adaptive Design​ and Responsive

Choose exactly which fields of the counter you want to show and Set the exact container width of the countdown timer​​. Each element on Epic News Elements is responsive.

Customize box design text, background color & typography

Frequently Asked Questions:

It can appear in any of your posts and pages. You just need to do drag and drop countdown timer widget into your page or post.

Definitely. There is option available under countdown timer widgets  settings option. You just need to restart option “Yes” and set time  

Yes, You can use both plugin on same site without any problem.

We would like to hear all the queries and suggestions from your end. If you’re thinking to require any additional services or custom requirements with our plugin then, do not hesitate. We’re happy to listen and provide full support.

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