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Pie/Doughnut Chart

Creating a pie chart or doughnut chart with this WordPress plugin is pretty straightforward, just use the “Add chart” button in the post/page editor and choose “Pie chart/Doughnut” in the chart type selector. Here are 2 examples of what you can do with the plugin: one pie chart and one doughnut chart.

The configuration options for the pie/doughnut chart are grouped into 3 groups

General settings

Size – width and height of the chart in pixels;
Padding – padding around the chart in pixels
Type – either pie or doughnut
Doughnut inner size – only applicable to doughnut charts is a number between 0
(no hole at all) and 1 determining the size of the hole in the doughnut
Start angle – the angle in degrees starting from where the first pie slice is placed
Highlight mode – the effect applied on mouse over a pie slice; the slice will either
“pop” or a “border” will be drawn beside it; the default highlight mode slightly lightens the slice;
Highlight size – in the case of “pop” or “border” highlight mode determines the size of the highlight in pixels+

Text settings

Font – font family, size and color; the font family can be set to a web font that is available in the theme, but the preview might not reflect it, it will, however, show in the resulting page/post
Decimals – a number of decimal places for the amounts displayed
Label type – “percent” displays percentages, “value” displays actual numbers with the units selected, “none” does not display any numbers

Unit Name – a name of the units that the values are representing (displayed on the chart if the “Label type” is set to “value”)
Slice Data – you can set the name of the slice, value and color; you can also rearrange the slices using the up/down buttons, delete a slice or add a new slice;

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