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At FlickDevs, we implement best quality standards in our theme development to expand your website’s functionality.


By following the required business standards Flickdevs has made sure to provide services that will contribute in the development of your startup/business.

We present every customer with a chance for deciding what functionality there plugin should posses. And then set out to get it for them.

What are plugins? The are mini program codes written by either a person or a particular company which can be installed on your website or you can plugin that’s why it has such unique name.when you are creating your website with wordpress you will find a huge list of plugins that have been created and are ready to install each plugin has a purpose which its popular for, some of these plugins are available for free while others cost some amount it depends on the services you are obtaining from that particular plugin.

But why should you use the pre-defined plugins? Why not make new ones which make your website more unique and customized that will definitely help it stand out.


Custom Theme Development Services

  1. Search Engine Optimization :
    there are a lot of wordpress plugins that would help you in carrying out this particular task but our developers have the skills using which they can create some of the best plugins as per your requirements with wordpress pre-defined plugins you have to settle for whatever services come along with the one you want, SEO is one of the most important and necessary plugin to be considered if you want to make your website known to lots of users.
  2. Affiliate Links :
    these links are essential for every websites marketing, there are plenty of plugins that wordpress has made available to users everywhere some of which have the purpose of making these links less annoying, these links are usually too big and make your website look sloppy, the problem with the pre-defined plugin is that you have be satisfied with what you have been presented when you hire a team of experts to develop a custom plugin you can have your own set of requirements met and have a plugin that works exactly how you want it to.
  3. Comment Notifications :
    Amongst other plugins that wordpress offers there are some which notify the owner that there has been an reply or answer to a particular comment, which otherwise the owner would have had to manually check, creating a custom plugin which will provide you ease of access when handling your website is something that our team of top developers can do for all of the customers who are interested.
  4. Security :
    there are some amount of security measures that you have to take care by yourself you cannot depend on the ones that already exist, with custom plugin development a very well suited team of developers will create a plugin which will provide the kind of security that will keep not only you as a owner happy but your clients who will be creating accounts at your website happy as well.
  5. With Flickdevs You Will Get :
    A custom widget.
    A custom shortcode.
    A custom post type.
    As well as reliable service.


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