Care Plans

Keep your website running smoothly with no effort.

A website care plan is a set of bundled services that we use to keep your website operating in tip-top shape. These services include security, performance, backups, monitoring, malware protection, and more. Depending on the package you choose, we even will fix broken links and update your content.


  •   Software/Plugin Updates
  •   Weekly Site Backup
  •   Fast Low Traffic Hosting
  •   Advanced Security
  •   Security Monitoring
  •   SSL Security Certificate
  •   Software/Plugin Licenses
  •   Uptime Monitoring
  •   Save Money


  • All Budget Features +
  •   Daily Backups
  •   Automated Visual Monitoring
  •   High Traffic Hosting
  •   Malware & Hack Repair
  •   Premium Video Hosting
  •   Website Modifications
  •   Google Analytics Reporting
  •   Caching Speed Boost
  •   Monthly Reports

Mission Critical

  •   All Business Features +
  •   Ultra High Traffic Hosting
  •   Server Failover
  •   Hourly Backups
  •   Emergency Priority Support
  •   Extreme Security
  •   Google Blacklist Monitoring
  •   Google Blacklist Removal
  •   Speed Monitoring
  •   Triple Redundant Backups
  •   More Modifications
  •   Advanced User Tracking
  •   Content Delivery Network
  •   Search Engine Rank Tracking