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Flickdevs is the fastest growing android application development service,today Android is an open source mobile operating system which has a huge user base and app development process of android has been simplified. companies are developing android software which will definitely lead to increase the demand for their products as much of the populace today has an android device.

At Flickdevs we have a team of experts who are skilled in creating a android app that will be built by following all the required app development standards.

Here are “why’s” that will answer your “is it necessary to choose android as development platform?”.


Android Application Development Services

  1. It’s Open Source:
    Android community has offered all the developers this very needed and useful open source technology. Android SDK’s architecture is open-source that means you can interact and make your own changes.a lot of phone manufacturers have turned to android based devices because of this particular factor it provides amazing benefits to not only the developers but users as well
  2. You can reserve a name for your app :
    are you thinking about creating an android app then you will need a name Google Play will let you reserve a name for your app.
  3. Get it on amazon store :
    Hiring an Android app development expert who can gain and make the most of the amazon app store will help you in getting the best output.
  4. It’s absolutely Easy to Integrate :
    If you already have a business website and all you need is an android app that will follow the same direction your website is set on, then choose to hire an android application development will go a long way in getting the desired output. it’s easy to integrate and you won’t have to make any kind of changes to match the app needs.
  5. Have access to a larger audience :
    Highest number of users choose to buy android devices it’s a fact that no person can deny. due to which the demand for android application is more.
  6. A simple approval process for the app :
    The process for approval of android app is very simple and you can have your app set and working in no time which is not the case with apple store which has stringent policies which are complex and require a lot of time to deal with.

At Flickdevs we will not only help you creating a product that will make a huge impact on the desired audience,along with that you will also get services that include monitoring and security that will give you business an opportunity to grow.


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